Big 2019 GOTY Contender Outer Wilds Is Getting DLC

Big 2019 GOTY Contender Outer Wilds Is Getting DLC
Screenshot: Mobius Digital

Outer Wilds, the first-person space exploration game beloved by everyone at or no longer at Kotaku — and also every other sentient being on this planet — is getting an expansion. It’s called Echoes of the Eye, and is slated for a September 28 release. Developer Mobius Digital announced the news on Thursday’s Annapurna Interactive showcase.

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Rumours started to swirl about an Outer Wilds expansion back in April. As reported by Eurogamer, some folks spotted a file in Steam’s database about an Outer Wilds expansion called Echoes of the Eye. Thus began a social media storm. First, Annapurna Interactive tweeted out the info with an “eye” emoji. Then, former Outer Wilds writer Kelsey Beachum — who, longtime readers will recall, sparked an all-timer Kotaku headline — retweeted that tweet with four “eye” emojis.

Turns out all the dizzy speculation ended up with a bullseye.

What’s Echoes of the Eye about?

Mobius Digital is currently mum about what, exactly, the Echoes of the Eye will entail. Today’s minute-long trailer is fittingly vague, showing the planets of Outer Wilds — Giant’s Deep, Dark Dramble, Brattle Hollow, Timber Heart, and the Hourglass Twins — orbiting an eclipsed yellow dwarf. That unmistakable jingle plays in the background. Other than that, nothing.

Still, the expansion’s name could offer some indication about its whole deal. There’s, uhh, really no way to go into that without veering hard into spoiler territory. Let’s just say that Outer Wilds ends with bang. And that the Eye is an important — essential, really — plot device for that ending. And that it’s kinda hard to picture a follow-up. Basically, if you haven’t yet beaten 2019’s best game, be sure to do so.

Anyway, more Outer Wilds! That’s the good news. The bad news? Mobius says Echoes of the Eye is the game’s only planned expansion.


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