A Brand New Saints Row Game Is Getting Revealed Next Week

A Brand New Saints Row Game Is Getting Revealed Next Week

The next Saints Row game is getting officially revealed next week and based on the few details revealed so far it’s a brand new game, not a remake, and is in fact (possibly) a full-on reboot of the popular open-world franchise.

Geoff Keighley first teased the new Saints Row reboot via a tweet on August 20, hinting that it will be fully revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live. Shortly after that, the official Saints Row Twitter account began tweeting about the new game. Over on the Saint’]s Row website, the site has an image of a brick wall covered in graffiti and the word “Rebooting” is plastered on it alongside a white fleur-de-lis aka that symbol you see in all the games.

The image from the official Saint's Row website.  (Screenshot: Deep Silver / Volition)
The image from the official Saints Row website. (Screenshot: Deep Silver / Volition)

Over the last 24 hours or so, the official Saints Row Twitter account has been busy replying to basically every fan who responds to them, which is nice I guess, but seems tiring too. A few details have been shared via these replies. For one, this isn’t a reboot or a remastered version of a previously released game. In fact, Saints Row devs Volition currently have no plans to do any more remasters.

Another small detail I spotted is that this probably has nothing to do with Agents of Mayhem, based on a tweet where the official account says it will take more than that game’s reception to kill Saints Row. For those unaware, AoM was an open-world action game that focused on super powerful agents in a futuristic city and was set in one of the timelines created at the end of Gat out of Hell, a spin-off Saints Row game where Gat goes to Hell to save the boss and is set after the events of Saints Row IV, where the Earth is blown up.

Huh, yeah, I get why this whole series needs a reboot. Things are a bit complicated!

We first heard about a new Saints Row game back in 2019, when it was confirmed Volition was working on the next title in the series. The last main game released in the franchise was 2013’s Saints Row IV.

For those excited about a new Saints Row game, and I’m one of those people, the reveal will happen during Gamescom Opening Night Live on August 26 at 4 a.m. AEST.

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