Ugh, Nazi-Themed Host Bar Opens In Osaka

Ugh, Nazi-Themed Host Bar Opens In Osaka
*sigh* (Screenshot: Unfair/Host x Host)

At host clubs, men serve customers their drinks, and make small talk with them. At a newly opened one in Osaka, they also dress as Nazis. That’s pretty fucked up.

The name of the bar is Unfair, and its tagline is, “Life is a bet.” Reddit spotted a truck driving through Osaka emblazoned with the club’s name and…a swastika, and I’m guessing it was driving through the Minami entertainment district where Unfair is located.

Unfair’s listing was posted on host sites Star Guys and Host x Host, and included photos of the hosts in full Nazi outfits and a video. One listing read, “Get intoxicated with this new style host club!”

*sigh* (Screenshot: Unfair/Host x Host)*sigh* (Screenshot: Unfair/Host x Host)

As Twitter user Miki Dezaki points out, the club also uploaded photos of inside the building. The walls were covered with a large swastika, and the club even had swastika labels affixed to the bottles of champagne.

Understandably, people pointed out, hey, this is stupid and disgraceful. Information about the club has been scrubbed from host sites, with the Host x Host page even now requiring a password for access. Kotaku phoned the bar, but there was no answer.

Every few years, shit like this happens. Back in 2016, for example, members of the pop group Keyakizaka46 dressed in Nazi-style uniforms for Halloween. Six years before that, the cosmetics brand Ponds featured an actress dressed as a Nazi in a major ad campaign throughout Japan. The ad was later pulled. It was surprising to see even a major international brand in Japan can let stuff like this slip through.

Besides ignorance, ambivalence to Nazi iconography could also be due to the counterclockwise swastika, or manji as it’s called in Japanese. It is traditionally used in Japan on maps to denote Buddhist temples, and has a deep, long history that has absolutely nothing to do with Nazis.

Of course, that’s absolutely not the case when swastikas are on Nazi uniforms, in a Nazi-themed club.


      • You should’ve checked out the Nazi Cafe that was in Indonesia, back when it was still a niche thing. They were ahead of the curve, I tell you.

        I’m sure that all of Katoku AU’s readership would absolutely love to hear about this Nazi Bar, that’s definitely what draws readers to the website. To hear about whatever new thing in Japan garners controversy in the West.

        You reckon the Japanophiles on staff will start putting out articles about how the Japanese MP’s regularly visit memorials honouring war criminals?

  • Fucked up and unfortunately expected from a country that refuses to confront a single aspect of its actual horrific history of war crimes.

    • Ignorant and just plain wrong. But, with a username like that, I don’t expect mature, intelligent thoughts.
      The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is a haunting place that showcases the devestation of the atomic bomb strike but also details Japan’s role in the war in large displays on the walls. It is always packed with school groups so that the children can learn their history; both the tragedy they suffered and the role their nation played in the war, so it never happens again.
      Educate yourself, you inbred potato.

      • What about a memorial for all the Chinese and Koreans they experimented on Nazi style, death marches of POWs or any of their other prolific genocides? Tell me, o lord potato, what memorials do they have in this regard?

      • Japan still paints itself as the victim and hasn’t acknowledged its atrocities committed during the war. The Japanese made family members rape one another, beheading competitions, and experimented on people.

      • Yeah!! That’s why they discontinued the use of the Rising Sun motif after WW2… For many Asian countries and areas around the Pacific, it is comparable to the Swastika in terms of meaning and use…

        Oh wait, nevermind … They put it back into use for their Navy and ground forces (albeit it the one for the ground forces is slightly modified) in 1954… Yeah…

    • Agreed. People really have forgotten the atrocities this country has done in it’s past, thanks to Kawaii culture & anime.

  • Oh no… anyway. remember that many countries do not have the same culture or values as we do and that telling them they are wrong and must conform is pretty much your imperialism speaking. which is fine if you actually think you’d do a better job of running things. just have to admit to yourself you think you should be in charge though.

  • I don’t know what to say, they had the coolest tanks, the coolest uniforms.

    I’m dying to know how they ACT during the hosting part, do they keep to their generic “I’m a pretty boy, very cool, very cool” or do they get absolutely hammered in wine, women and song

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