Genshin Impact’s Next Characters Include An Exorcist And An Opera Singer

Genshin Impact’s Next Characters Include An Exorcist And An Opera Singer

This morning, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account gave more information about Shenhe and Yun Jin, who will be playable characters sometime in the future. According to the tweets, Shenhe will be a cryo-element polearm user, and Yun Jin will be a geo-element polearm user.

Shenhe is the second cryo polearm user to debut after Rosaria (who will be a featured character in tomorrow’s event banner). According to her official lore, she is an exorcist who trained under the Cloud Retainer as a disciple.

From miHoYo’s blog post:

Living with adepti as a human is by no means an easy task, but Shenhe has a unique constitution, an immensely strong will, and a great talent for adepti arts, all of which have won her the acknowledgment of the adepti. However, the long years of cultivation, coupled with the habit of eating divine herbs and drinking the dew of the mountains, have made her more and more distant from earthly life, and she has even been regarded as a mysterious white-haired adeptus.

Yun Jin will be the second geo polearm character in the game. Her design is based on Beijing opera performers, and she is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe. Despite her elegant and high class background, Yun Jin enjoys rock and roll performances.

Also from the official blog:

Yun Jin is known for her sweet singing voice and intricate costumes, as well as her animated and dynamic performances. Whether it’s a delicate and dignified young lady or a mighty and honorable heroine, she can play any role.

Yun Jin’s announcement coincides with a winter lineup that is absolutely stacked with geo-element characters (Albedo, Itto, Gorou, and Noelle).

There’s currently no reliable information on when these characters will be available in the game. There’s no exact date given for when these characters will be playable, but the community speculates that they will be arriving in the 2.4 update (since Itto and Gorou were also revealed shortly before their announcements in version 2.3).

However, that hasn’t stopped the Genshin Impact player base from reacting enthusiastically to the reveals. It’s never going to stop being funny to me that Genshin characters can trend on Twitter alongside non-gaming topics such as “Thanksgiving” and “Black Friday.”

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