God of War PC Mod Makes Atreus Playable, Kinda

God of War PC Mod Makes Atreus Playable, Kinda

A new PC mod for God of War aims to make Kratos’ arrow-wielding son, Atreus, a playable character. But it will likely be some time before he’s as agile as he is in the game’s finale.

Modder Speclizer posted a video on YouTube yesterday demonstrating a playable Atreus in action. In the 2018 God of War game, Atreus assisted Kratos by shooting arrows at enemies while his Dad of War hacked and slashed his way through the rest, much like Ellie with Joel in The Last of Us. However, Kratos becomes absentee father in this mod while Atreus takes centre stage taking on the likes of giant trolls, flying demons, and the enigmatic Baldur by his lonesome.

Since the former PlayStation 4 exclusive made its way to PC on January 14, Specilizer has been hard at work creating God of War mods. In fact, they’ve already made one that makes Kratos’ head as inflated as his ego, another where the God of War is younger, and one where the game is in first person (as the series was originally pitched).

However, saying that Speclizer’s latest mod successfully made Atreus a fully-playable character is a bit generous, which the creator readily admits in the video’s description and pinned comment.

“As you can see, at the moment it is clearly not the smoothest experience. I still need to put a lot more work into the mod to get it to a stage where it works flawlessly,” they wrote.

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Atreus’ modded gameplay is in equal parts extremely limited and entertaining to watch. Much of the video, aside from one notable moment where Kratos unalives his boy with a boulder, shows around the fledgling hunter sliding around the floor like he’s rocking a pair of Norse Heelys while shooting arrows and apologizing to enemies (since Kratos isn’t around to chastise him) whenever he needs to reload.

Although the mod’s limited move set is lifted from his “Press Square to ‘Boy’ Action’’ animations, it more than serves as a great starting point to make God of War’s favourite son fully playable on PC. Hopefully, they’ll have the mod finished before the game’s long-awaited sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, comes out sometime later this year.

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