Is This Dragon Age Laptop Bag Fashion Or Am I Losing It?

Is This Dragon Age Laptop Bag Fashion Or Am I Losing It?
Image: BioWare

The BioWare store released a new wave of Dragon Age themed merch overnight. Among the items in the collection was a leather Dragon Age bag, styled in brown, blue and silver.

Fans will recognise the thought that’s gone into the bag’s design. Dragon Age Origins introduced the Grey Wardens, an order of warriors dedicated to stopping the Darkspawn from entering the world of Thedas. The bag references several pieces of lore around the Grey Wardens and what they are about. The leather represents the Warden’s tough armour and travelling equipment. The blue refers to the Shred Of Blue, a line from a poem found in the game’s codex, beloved by players. The Griffon’s Crest is heraldry from a kite shield owned by the character Justice in the Dragon Age Origins: Awakening expansion.

Here’s the thing though. I actually think the design of the Dragon Age bag is super tasteful. This stands in contrast to a lot of games merch, which often runs the gamut from ‘kind of cheap’ to ‘outright gaudy’. The colours Bioware has chosen here are super nice, the silver pops against the leather and the blue they’ve chosen complement both nicely. This just strikes me as being a really nice bag! If you’re having trouble understanding why this has flummoxed me so much: I don’t find myself admiring gaming merch very often, but this feels like it’s in a bit of a different league.

dragon age bag
Image: BioWare

BioWare is asking US$140 for this piece which, at the time of writing, is about $190 here in Australia. That’s before you throw international shipping on top. That might seem fairly pricey, and it is, but there are many similar bags at that price point. If you’ve ever bought yourself a nice laptop bag before, you’ll be well aware of how pricey they can be for something destined to give you a shoulder ache.

Nevertheless, I put the question to you: Is the Dragon Age bag fashion or am I losing my mind here? I feel like you could combine this with a dead-simple day to day outfit. Am I insane? Please appraise my fashion choices in the comments below. You can check the bag out for yourself right here.


  • Beautifully on-trend. Team it with jeans, brown ankle boots and probably some sort of top unless you want to be arrested. I’d go for something tunic-y in a neutral that would work with the blue. Silver jewelry.

    It’s the kind of practical stealth geek-wear that ThinkGeek used to do for those of us who want game and SF merch more sophisticated than a tee-shirt, and sturdy enough for frequent use, rather than cosplay.

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