Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s First Teaser Is Here

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s First Teaser Is Here
Image: Marvel Studios

Just how could the MCU continue to expand the world of Wakanda after the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman? We just got a taste, as Marvel took to San Diego Comic-Con to give us a look at Ryan Coogler’s daunting Black Panther sequel.

Introduced by director Ryan Coogler and the cast of Wakanda Forever — including Tenoch Huerta, officially confirmed to be playing the classic Marvel Comics anti-hero Namor the Submariner, who in the comics was the publisher’s first Mutant character and King of Atlantis (sorry, other Kings are available at other comic book publishers) — the footage opened with is our first look at the movie we now know ends Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic universe.


  • Can’t say im interested now that there is no black panther in black panther.
    Absolutely should have recast after Chad Bosewick passed away. I feel like letting a character disappear that the actor really loved is more disrespectful than re-casting.

    Every one else in black panther was just kinda ‘oh yeah they were ok’, so im not keen on any of them taking the mantle, and if no one does then how is it black panther? Weird situation.

    I really wanted to see a lot more of the actual black panther, he became a favourite of mine after watching avengers earths mightiest heroes years back. And he felt well written and well portrayed in his MCU appearances.

    • Yeah it’s tough one, Boseman was good and I think that’s the problem with a straight recast and in a lot of ways, having to accept any recast using existing characters when so many just weren’t ready for it.

      On that note, I think they’re aware of it and by embracing that loss in memory of Boseman, both in his work and his character, and focusing on Wakanda is a good chance to let the characters
      grow and honour the man himself.
      We know Shuri wanted a chance but wasn’t ready or suited for it and now she has that chance but it’s worlds apart from how she ever would’ve wanted it, which reflects Ta Challa in a lot of ways.
      (Assuming there’s no twist in there)

  • I felt nothing but “Why did they make namor central american inspired? I also have no interest as Shuri being the black panther. This looks weak sauce. Not for me.”

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