It Takes Two Sells 7 Million Copies, So Here’s Another Reminder To Play It

It Takes Two Sells 7 Million Copies, So Here’s Another Reminder To Play It

It Takes Two is hands down one of the best co-op games ever made, so this milestone makes complete sense.

Hazelight Studios, the development studio behind It Takes Two, posted on Twitter the other day to announce that the game has now sold over 7 million copies worldwide, which is quite an impressive feat.

I can only assume that the picture is a reference to easily one of the most heartwrenching things you have to do in the game (don’t watch if you either want the game unspoiled, or don’t want to relive this tragedy).

While I am here to celebrate this momentous occasion, I also come for another reason. It’s awesome that It Takes Two has sold this many copies, but in my opinion, it is simply not enough.

If you haven’t played It Takes Two yet, here is your reminder to grab any old shmoe to play it with you as soon as possible.

It Takes Two‘s co-operative gameplay feels like a staple in the co-op game world. There is not one moment in this game where it feels like you could do it on your own, and that’s why it rocks.

The game’s dialogue can get a little cheesy at times, but I think I love it for that. It’s a magical story full of whimsy, so why not have the goofiest of characters saying the silliest of things?

Probably one of the best things about accessing It Takes Two is the Friend’s Pass. If you buy the game, you can play with a friend without them having to buy the game too. It’s very reminiscent of the DS Download Play feature of the Nintendo DS, where you could get your friends to play a game with you with only one game card. Novel concept, very good.

On the other hand, I’ve personally felt that It Takes Two is a game best played when you’re both in the same room. I’m very aware that this isn’t always possible, and that the internet exists to connect us in cases where we can’t do couch co-op. However, this is one of those games where the couch co-op experience makes it all the better.

I’ve tried to avoid spoiling anything about the game here, as I’ve made that mistake in the past. In saying that, all I’ll tell you is that It Takes Two is a fantastic experience to have with literally anybody. Play it. Please and thank you.

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