Street Fighter 6 Players Are Embracing Madness With The Unhinged Character Creator

Street Fighter 6 Players Are Embracing Madness With The Unhinged Character Creator

Street Fighter 6‘s closed beta test kicked off today, giving folks a chance to check out various aspects of the upcoming fighter all weekend long. This includes traditional gameplay elements like online matches and the training mode, as well as new additions to the series including the character creator. And my god, the brawlers people have been making and sharing online are completely unhinged, some kinda nightmare fuel that absolutely belongs in a B-tier sci-fi horror flick or something. In short, with the absurd customisation options for your avatar, Street Fighter 6 can be lowkey horror. Which is great! It’s almost Halloween, and Kotaku could always use more frights on the front page.

Being that this is a closed beta test, not everyone was granted access. If you were one of the lucky few to have been chosen after signing up on Street Fighter 6‘s official website before September 30, you’re probably fiddling with the character creator right now. I haven’t yet had the chance to mess around with the customisation tools despite getting invited to the closed beta test. However, there are copious videos across YouTube demonstrating the range of options at your disposal. No bullshit, it’s staggering. There are sliders for just about everything! Height, weight, bone structure, hair colour, you name it. You can even alter how your arse looks. Customisation goes deep. And with this created character, you’ll be able to venture into the full game’s hub world and story mode. You can also dress your avatar in some drippy outfits by using coins and tickets to buy clothes.

But of course, with great customisation options comes great creative potential, and some Street Fighter 6 players took that to its logical conclusion. Across the internet, folks are posting their monstrous creations to main. Some look like Neanderthals, with stumpy limbs and hairy chests. Others resemble One Piece wannabes and Space Jam rejects. Mixed in are grotesque beings impossible to describe, legs chunkier than lard and arms skinnier than twigs. I mean, look at these things. They’re unsettling!

These creations are the stuff of nightmares. They’re twisted figures, conjured from the minds of some fucked-up gamers. And I absolutely adore it, even if they’re all perturbingly horrific. You can only make one avatar in the game’s closed beta test, though, so be mindful if you’re playing.

Street Fighter 6 doesn’t have a release date right now, instead targeting a vague “2023″ launch window for most of the major platforms. (Sorry, Nintendo Switch users. RIP Stadia.) But with the closed beta test running until October 10, you can expect to see a buncha Street Fighter 6 content online in the coming days.


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