I Live In Cooler Master’s Orb X Gaming Pod Now, Goodbye World

I Live In Cooler Master’s Orb X Gaming Pod Now, Goodbye World

Three years and counting of a global pandemic has put the strain on a lot of people’s social lives: a problem that Cooler Master has decided to further exacerbate, rather than resolve, with a new multi-purpose computing pod called the Orb X that lets users further shut out distractions like co-workers, family, and friends to focus on gaming or work.

Even the most pessimistic predictions about the future of work and personal entertainment are not that far off from the Orb X, which is designed to wrap the user in speakers, screens, and comfort once they climb inside.


The Orb X isn’t completely enclosed, but once you slide into the pod’s leather “ergonomic recliner,” which features a fully adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and leg rests, a motorised dome then lowers above your head to help minimise distractions (not unlike blinders on a horse) while also positioning a screen directly in front of your eyes.


Cooler Master is providing two display options for the Orb X: a single 34-inch monitor, or a trio of 27-inch screens with an inward angle to help fill the user’s peripheral vision. Presumably, the former is targeted at those intending to use the Orb X for work, while the latter is aimed at gamers looking for the most immersive experience possible.


The Orb X has just about anything else one would need for hours of uninterrupted work or play, including a built-in surround sound system with a pair of two-inch full-range speakers, a pair of two-inch tweeters, and a five-inch subwoofer. It’s also got an integrated desk, an assortment of powered USB-A and USB-C ports for keeping other devices charged while you’re cocooned inside, and LED accent lighting. Just about the only thing missing is a way to get food into your body (and back out again), without having to get up.

Although Cooler Master hasn’t specified when the Orb X might go into production, or how much it will cost (not including the PC required to power those screens), the pod is apparently “now available for waitlist registration” for those eager to get a pre-order in when the time comes.

This actually isn’t our first time hearing about Cooler Master’s “Space Egg,” but if you really must lock yourself away and you don’t want to rely on existing solutions like Acer’s Thronos Air, at least now you can put your name down for it.

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