Dragon Ball Super’s Iconic Father-And-Son Team Is Coming To Fortnite

Dragon Ball Super’s Iconic Father-And-Son Team Is Coming To Fortnite

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s father-and-son duo, Piccolo and Gohan, are cha-la-head-cha la-ing their way into Fortnite.

Today, the official Fortnite Twitter account posted a video for its second collaboration with Dragon Ball Super. Piccolo and Gohan skins are hitting the game’s item shop today, meaning that soon players can upload videos of themselves as the duo hitting the griddy with Goku and Vegeta or whatever nonsense. You know the videos are coming. Today’s announcement comes shortly after yesterday’s tease in which the Fortnite Twitter account posted a screenshot of a Red Ribbon Army ship flying over an archipelago.

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Fortnite’s collaboration with Dragon Ball Super is a tie-in to the series’ newest film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In it, Piccolo and Gohan battle side-by-side against the Red Ribbon Army’s newest line of androids.

Fortnite’s Gohan and Piccolo skins come with a built-in Super Saiyan and Power Awakening charge emote, respectively. Individually, Fortnite’s Gohan-themed items include a cape backpack, a Capsule Corp. glider, and an appropriately named “Beast” pickaxe. Piccolo’s items include a cape and turban backpack bling, a Red Ribbon Army glider, a demon symbol backpack bling, and a pickaxe with a miniature version of his house affixed to it.

Dragon Ball’s Gohan and Piccolo skins aren’t the only welcome changes coming to Fortnite. Alongside the return of DBZ’s flying nimbus cloud and Kamehameha attack, the battle royale game will also be changing the way weekly quests work.

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Going forward, weekly challenges are once again no longer confined to a week. Previously, Fortnite’s weekly challenges remained available for the duration of a season, meaning players could complete them at their own pace, or hop on late in the season and work through a large number of accumulated quests. With the start of the latest season, however, each new set of weekly quests would replace the previous one, and any incomplete quests were simply gone. This forced players to play the game every week if they didn’t want to miss out on quests and the XP rewards they offered.

Fortnite’s 23.30 patch makes it so that weekly challenges once again no longer disappear after a week’s time. Reactions from folks online are a bit mixed about the change. Some Fortnite players are lamenting the change as a “big L” while others are thanking their Chug Jug lord in heaven that quests will no longer disappear on them should they decide to take a week off to touch grass. You can read the rest of patch 23.30’s changes here.

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