BotW Speedrunner Gets All The (Farming) Hoes Faster Than You

BotW Speedrunner Gets All The (Farming) Hoes Faster Than You

Twitch streamer Limcube has gone to great lengths to get all the hoes he can — wait, we’re talking about the Breath of the Wild gardening tool. You know, the ones used to cultivate soil and remove weeds. Get your head out of the gutter.

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Limcube has been making content on YouTube since July 2018. Primarily known for speedrunning games such as Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, Limcube has beaten Nintendo’s open-world Zelda game to hell and back. Right now, he’s performing an all quests speedrun which, as the name suggests, requires that Limcube completes every Breath of the Wild quest before putting Calamity Ganon six feet under. With over 6,000 hours in the game and plenty of time on his hands until Tears of the Kingdom drops on May 12, Limcube thought it’d be funny if Link got all the hoes in the Great Plateau.

A speedrun designed out of desperation

In a March 15 livestream, Limcube said he “made this [all hoes speedrun] up out of desperation” because he wanted to do a “cool, short run.” He told Kotaku over a Discord call that he practiced 20 to 30 times before completing it in 29 minutes and 40 seconds. Prior to finishing, the run started like every Breath of the Wild playthrough: in the game’s main region, the Great Plateau.

After leaving the starting shrine and snatching the Sheikah Slate, Limcube began collecting some quick equipment and materials. This included the weak Boko spear and Pot Lid shield, as well as some spicy peppers for healing. He performed a few shield clips and the flying BLSS technique which allows Link to easily pass through walls and soar through the air, respectively. These manoeuvres made up the foundation of Limcube’s all hoes speedrun, as he phased into shrines and zipped around the Great Plateau with ease to get the runes (bomb, cryonis, magnesis, and stasis) that make traversal easier. It’s here, after being set loose in the mountainous region, that the run really started. He launched himself using the wind bomb move, a glitch that catapults Link several feet into the air with tons of speed, to find the first hoe tucked away at the base of a tree in the Satori Mountain. He then picked up another couple of hoes stashed at the Hateno and Kakariko villages. All the while, he’s collecting Koroko seeds to increase his inventory. Otherwise, he couldn’t hold all the hoes.

Fighting for the hoes is harder than you think

While gathering the bulk of the game’s 11 hoes was relatively easy, as Limcube only had to find them lying around the world, he told Kotaku that five of the hoes were hard to get because blue Bokoblins were using them as weapons. Since this is a speedrun, Limcube didn’t level up or collect any armour to raise his defences. As such, he stayed at the minimum of three hearts throughout the entire run. And since blue Bokoblins are tougher than normie red ones, a single hit from their clubs and pitchforks could send Link to the grave. As such, “one of the parts that was tricky in this run was finding a strong weapon early on” to steal the hoes, Limcube said. Thankfully, with the Golden Claymore he found in the Satori Mountain, he made short work of every Bokoblin he encountered.

After speeding through the Great Plateau and bodying any Bokoblins he came across, Limcube finished the all hoes speedrun in under 30 minutes. Limcube said that along with being bored and desperate, he really wanted to try a new speedrun, something different that no one has done before yet.

“Af first, I was thinking of all these serious ideas, like collecting all the armour or collecting all the legendary weapons such as those you get from beating the dungeons and all that,” Limcube said. “But everything didn’t sound that fun. So, my mind went to meme speedruns like the one I did in 2020 where I got Link laid as fast as possible. Then, I started thinking of other funny ideas for runs and, for some reason, I came up with this all hoes one. Amazing pun, super creative. There are 11 farming hoes in the game, so I knew it was going to be relatively quick. So, I just plotted the route out and then, like, randomly did it.”

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Now that he’s done with this speedrun and biding his time until Tears of the Kingdom comes out in May, Limcube is going back to the all quests challenge he’s currently embarking on. He hopes, though, that his Breath of the Wild meme speedrun inspires other creators to get all the hoes faster than him.

“I’m excited to see if anyone else picks up the [all hoes speedrun] and optimises it,” Limcube said. “Stuff like that is always fun to see.”


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