Mindblowing: YouTuber Creates A Game Boy Advance SP Out Of LEGO Bricks

Mindblowing: YouTuber Creates A Game Boy Advance SP Out Of LEGO Bricks

I just watched a guy build a fully functional Game Boy Advance SP out of Lego bricks, and you should too. The machine already looked great, but it became truly magical when its creator booted up a copy of Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. It’s a tragedy this was never an officially licensed product because I want a LEGO SP of my own.

Miguel is the owner of Retro Stash Repairs, a YouTube channel dedicated to “fixing retro consoles and electronics.” He’s made lots of videos on how to fix specific parts of a Game Boy Advance, SP, and Micro. He’s also fixed older toys and other game systems, such as Tamogachis and the Nintendo DS.

In the video above, Miguel shows viewers the process in which he built an Advance SP case out of LEGOs. Rather than putting the bricks together normally, he glued individual pieces together as building LEGOs would cause the case to become too bulky, and he wanted to use the original L and R trigger buttons on the side. So he put together the casing using the thinnest pieces of legos.

This doesn’t seem like a project you could simply do at home, either, at least not without some decent equipment. Miguel used a power drill to create openings for buttons and a charger slot. He also drilled off the bottom of the LEGO pieces so that they wouldn’t cause any issues with the motherboard underneath. He also connected the wiring between the main computer and the screen by hand.

The finished product looks simple, but the process video reveals that the project requires a ton of knowledge about the hardware. “It plays and looks like the SP since it uses the original motherboard,” he said. “What’s even crazier is that you can build on top of this. I mean, it is made out of LEGOs.”

There are some minor flaws with his creation. For one, there’s a noticeable gap when he attempts to close the SP, since this isn’t a wholly custom-made frame. The screen can also fall backwards since the hinges are also made of LEGO bricks. But it’s a pretty neat piece of custom-built hardware. If only Nintendo could see the potential of a LEGO collab.

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