Luigi’s Afraid Of Mo’ Ghosts In New Lego Sets

Luigi’s Afraid Of Mo’ Ghosts In New Lego Sets
Photo: Lego / Nintendo / Kotaku

Finally, after first appearing in August, the Lego version of Luigi is getting his own sets. But poor blocky Luigi, it seems Nintendo and Lego want to torture him, because the new sets are all based on Luigi’s Mansion. Don’t they know Luigi (and his Lego variant) is afraid of ghosts! Luckily Professor E. Gadd is here to help Luigi in his time of need. Well, he will be when these new sets release in January.

Announced yesterday, just in time for Halloween, Lego is bringing three new Luigi’s Mansion-themed sets to its Mario and Luigi Lego line of playsets. Like the games, these spooky courses feature plenty of ghosts for Luigi to avoid or capture. Luigi even gets his Poltergust vacuum backpack as a Lego accessory.

The cheapest set is the Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set, which will cost A$39.99 and comes with the Poltergust itself, which Luigi can use to catch the Gold Ghost and collect a coin reward. Luigi can also talk to E. Gadd, who comes with the set and can offer potions to players.

Photo: LEGO / Nintendo Photo: LEGO / Nintendo

The second box, which costs a bit more at A$59.99, is the Entryway Expansion Set. This playset grants Luigi access to the mansion. Once in, players will have to defeat Bogmire. Or they can just find a bone and give it to Polterpup, who I assume is a good boy and deserves the treat.

Photo: Lego / Nintendo Photo: Lego / Nintendo

The third and final set is also the priciest. The Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set costs $US80 ($106). With this playset, players can create their own haunted levels for Luigi to explore. Included are bricks and pieces needed to create rotating hallways, ghost battles, and quests to collect gems.

Photo: Lego / Nintendo Photo: Lego / Nintendo

You can also combine all three sets into one massive and very haunted mansion playset for Luigi — or his Lego bro Mario — to take on either alone or together.

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Annoyingly, none of these options (like past expansions in this theme) include Mario or Luigi. So you’ll need to pick up a starter set including one of the famous plumbers before being able to fully enjoy any of the new expansions.

All three of these new Luigi’s Mansion sets will be released separately on January 1, 2022, and can be found wherever you normally buy Lego. If you don’t care about these playsets and just want some classic Nintendo nostalgia via Lego bricks, you could check out the big A$289.99 Mario 64 Question Block set Lego released in September, though that is only available at or in Lego stores at the moment.

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