Welcome To Kotaku Royale, Exploring The Genre That’s Defining Modern Gaming

Welcome To Kotaku Royale, Exploring The Genre That’s Defining Modern Gaming

It’s Aries season, Women’s History Month, the start of spring, and Kotaku Royale week. What’s that last one, you ask? Well, we’re spending all week bringing you exclusive interviews with the teams behind your favourite battle royales, pointed opinions about the state of Warzone and the genre at large, hot takes on Fornite dance emotes, common player archetypes, and much more.

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Whether you main a specific Apex Legends character, have a favourite Warzone loadout, or just casually drop into Fortnite with some friends, we’ll have something here for you. If you suck at battle royales, don’t worry, some of us do, too. There’s no judgement here. Coming later this week we’ll have a story about fashion, a creative love letter to certain players, and even someone lamenting the loss of the original Call of Duty battle royale, Blackout — among other things.

Everything you see here was written specifically for this week — we’re not re-upping old stories, but delivering brand new content that reflects the current state of the battle royale. It’s the biggest genre in games, so there’s a lot to cover.

Editor’s note: The US site has a dedicated page for ongoing Kotaku Royale coverage, but our CMS won’t update it unless we tell it to. Keep an eye out for articles with the Kotaku Royale badge in the lead image — they will denote pieces in this series. Below, you’ll find a couple of the stories that have already gone up. — David.

This All-Women Pro Apex Legends Squad Won’t Listen To Haters

Image: Respawn / TSM / Vicky Leta
Image: Respawn / TSM / Vicky Leta

Laurice ‘GuhRL’ Habibi, Isabella ‘Avuhlie’ Rivera, Kornelia ‘Sabz’ Zawistowska, and Jane ‘Janey’ Newstead on making TSM history.

After Three Months of Struggles, Ashika Island Saved Warzone 2.0

Image: Activision / Vicky Leta
Image: Activision / Vicky Leta

The fast-paced and impeccably designed Resurgence map reinvigorated Call of Duty.

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