Fox Journo Riled Over Tears Of The Kingdom’s Link Becoming A ‘Trans Icon’

Fox Journo Riled Over Tears Of The Kingdom’s Link Becoming A ‘Trans Icon’

Fox Business, the subsidiary of Fox News Media, has discovered that some gamers are discovering their queerness thanks to Link, calling the Legend of Zelda hero a “nonbinary or trans icon.” Some, to the shock and horror of Fox, are even calling Link an “egg-cracker,” aka someone or something that helps a person realise they are trans. As you can imagine, the Fox journalist doesn’t seem happy about any of this.

Tears of the Kingdom, the latest game in the iconic Legend of Zelda franchise, launched on May 12 to rave reviews from critics and players alike. Many are already calling it the best game in the series, and some are even suggesting it’s one of the best games ever made. In the weeks since release, players have mastered multiple duplication glitches, learned how to build incredible machines, and all sorts of other fun hijinx. All in all, Tears of the Kingdom has enjoyed a mostly positive reaction from the gaming community. Even so, Fox Business has now decided to step in to point out how bad it is that so many of the game’s trans and nonbinary players identify with and feel inspired by Link.

In an article posted by Fox Business on May 31, writer Jon Brown seems to have discovered that Link is seen by many — including his own creators — as a relatively gender-neutral hero who anyone can relate to. The article links to a few stories about this topic, including this excellent one from Gizmodo, and seems surprised that an article like this exists alongside the site’s other Zelda stories.

Breaking: Fox continues to be horrible

Then we, inevitably, get to the point where the Fox writer calls The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a “children’s game” and suggests that outlets like PBS are trying “to make a children’s video game about gender identity.” Which would be a very bad thing, apparently. Don’t you know, kids might accidentally read an article about the game and…turn gay? Trans? Whichever is the worst thing right now in the right-wing outrage machine.

The article then decides to include a tweet from the awful propagandist Libs of TikTok and yell about The Sims 4 including chest binders and top-surgery scars. Again, Fox Business seems to think that all video games are designed and sold exclusively for children. And kids can’t be exposed to real-world concepts like gender, sex, trans people, scars, or anything like that!

Fox Business’s article ends with an odd paragraph pointing out how much controversy surrounded the release of Hogwarts Legacy, but that it still sold great on… uh…Twitch? You mean the streaming website that briefly sold games but then stopped years ago? Hmmm, you folks over there at Fox might want to take another pass at this article. Or just delete it. I’d go with that option.

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