Tears of the Kingdom: Players Are Outsmarting This Shrine With Galaxy Brain Ideas

Tears of the Kingdom: Players Are Outsmarting This Shrine With Galaxy Brain Ideas

If you’ve sunk any amount of time into Tears of the Kingdom, then you certainly have come across a shrine or two that at first glance didn’t make much sense. You’ve Ultrahanded and fused to no avail and have thus turned to the internet for answers. The Jiukoum “Built For Rails Shrine” is one of the tougher shrines , but the solution is actually rather simple. Regardless, players are coming up with all manner of clever workarounds, proving that this game is one where you don’t always have to play by the rules.

Luckily, the versatile, playful nature of TotK’s objects and physics means that there’s usually more than one solution to any given problem — and players have been finding all sorts of wild and unpredictable means of doing so, often sharing it on social media. The Jiukoum “Built for Rails” Shrine features sliding platforms on rails, with twists and turns that clearly require some kind of crafting solution, but it’s not terribly obvious how you’re supposed to do it at first.

Tears of the Kingdom Players Are Sharing Awesome Ways To Beat The Jiukoum Shrine

Built For Rails is a clever shrine, but one that can confuse you quite a bit if you haven’t messed around with rails too much. There are three puzzles, each with sets of rails in increasing complexity that task you with building an effective “car” out of platforms to ride on top of.

We’ll get to the more straightforward, likely intended way of getting through this shrine in a moment. First, here are some of the ways players are taking it on.

The shrine’s first two challenges are rather straightforward, but it’s the last part with the rising slope and wide turn that’s the most puzzling. But as Jakey Boi on Twitter shows off, you don’t even need to bother with building your little mini-train there so long as you just build a tower, Ascend through it, use a bit of Recall and some aerodynamics and then just glide to the goal.

_012was_taken on Reddit shows off a similar trick using Recall to ride an elevated platform.

Chadovsky on TikTok, however, shows that just saving up all your panels is another way to get the height necessary to just glide (and then surf) to the finish line.

Sentient Broccoli on TikTok also shows that you don’t even need to bother with the platforms at the final challenge. Just glue some fans together.

Pigginteabreak on TikTok shows that if you do a firiggin’ bomb ollie with a bomb-flower-fused shield, and just a little bit of height, you’ll have all the height you need — and will look cool doin’ it.

OK, but maybe these are all too fancy for you and you just want to clear this shrine normally. Here’s how to do it.

How to Normally Complete The Tears of the Kingdom Jiukoum Shrine

Maybe you just like to do things the simple way. Well, lucky for you, doing the Jiukoum Shrine the “normal” way is far from boring. A bit of trial and error can get you through. Note that Recall is very handy to call back something that’s sliding or falling away from you. But let’s go over each area step-by-step if you’re really lost.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku
Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

The first is a virtual freebie. Fuse the two platforms to the left of the first pair of rails so they’re long enough to sit on them and just ride it down (you can also just shield surf your way down if you have a cart- or sled-fused shield).

The next pair of rails is a little trickier. Try what you did before with a single platform and you’ll fall off. Same with a simple [-shaped bracket. Instead, what you need to do is form a shape that looks like three upper-case T’s next to one another (like this: TTT) and place the centre vertical panel in between the two rails. The outer two will keep the platform from falling off when you go around the first bend.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku
Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

Finally, the trickiest, we have two pairs of rails that extend upwards and cut off before a single pair of rails takes over, loops around, and then slopes down to the end. You’ll spot some fans off to one side, and some more panels on the other.

First, make yourself a platform out of the panels that looks like a capital E tilted over, with the prongs facing down. Go ahead and Ultrahand that construction so that the two outer prongs sit in between both pairs of rails at the start of the course.

Then, Ultrahand the three fans off to the side to the platform so they push the platform toward the shrine’s end. Hop on, strike the fans, and if you built the platform correctly, it should take you to the end without much fuss.=

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku
Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

If you built the platform correctly, the middle prong will slot in between the pair of rails that starts just before the big loop.

Tears of the Kingdom’s shrines are a dramatic flex of the game’s physics system. But as we’re seeing, players are flexing back even harder with some clever ways of getting around what the game initially expects you to do. And that the game rewards this kind of behaviour makes this one hell of a special experience.

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