The Best Part Of The Game Awards This Year Was The Fashion

The Best Part Of The Game Awards This Year Was The Fashion

Last year, I caused a bit of a ruckus by saying the fashion at The Game Awards was indicative of the industry’s identity crisis. I lamented the t-shirt and blazer uniform and begged the men of the industry to do better. And though I said this not long before the 2022 awards show was set to kick off, it was clear that even in those few days, gaming’s biggest names scrambled to make sure they pleased one relatively unknown woman from New York.

Ahead of this year’s awards, I offered unsolicited fashion advice to try and ensure the awards ceremony felt as glitzy and as glamorous as host Geoff Keighley wants it to be. I even dressed a few of the attendees myself. But despite all that, I wasn’t sure what kind of looks we’d see when The Game Awards 2023 livestream kicked off on December 7.

This year, I attended the awards in-person, and had quite a few people tell me face-to-face that I singlehandedly made the attendees step up their fashion game. There was so much style both on and off the stage at the Peacock Theater last night, with dozens of people donning sequins and sparkles and Barbie-pink gowns and bright suit sets and funky accessories and sky-high heels. It truly was a feast for the eyes. Hell, Geoff dressed so well this year that someone dropped an f-bomb on stage over it.

So, I decided, just like last year, to gather some of the best-dressed attendees of The Game Awards 2023. Some of them were on-stage, many were off, all were fabulous. Click through to see who made the cut. You’re all beautiful.

Meg McCurdy, One More Multiverse

Image: Meg McCurdy / Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

Look at this ethereal goddess! This is like if a Renaissance painting was painted in the stars! Everything about this look is a dream, from the sheer, bedazzled long sleeves over a simple tube dress to the crown of stars circling her cotton candy hair. She’s like a fairy slaymother.

Blessing Adeoye Jr., Kinda Funny

Image: Blessing Adeoye Jr. / Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

I don’t know why you’re all gagging, he brings it to you every ball! I love an outfit that plays with texture, and the bedazzled lapels on the blazer looks great against the sheen of the sheer shirt underneath. Keeping the pants simple was smart, and the bright white shoes are a welcome shake-up for the color palette.

Salomé Moreira García, Larian Studios

Image: Salomé Moreira García / Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

Salomé Moreira García is a senior community manager at Larian Studios, so you know that she’s got great taste. The monochromatic pink ensemble makes her look like a video game character, from the fuchsia hair down to the soft, baby-pink skirt. There’s so much attention to detail and accessorizing here, it’s truly top-notch—and that corset (from a brand called Atasan Studio) is divine.

Cam Hawkins, Apogee Entertainment

Image: Cam Hawkins / Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

The wind was a paid actor in this pic Cam sent me, because look at that flow! Here’s yet another great example of how much fun menswear can be if you get a little creative! The ice-blue color palette that he makes sure to bring into multiple pieces really help elevate this look—and yes, this is a good example of how to wear sneakers in a more formal setting.

Abubakar Salim

Screenshot: The Game Awards

Abubakar Salim gave us one of the few genuine moments of The Game Awards last night when introducing his game, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU. And he did so looking absolutely fly in an all-black suit and scarf by Nigerian-American designer Walé Oyéjidé, who takes classic Renaissance paintings and reimagines them with Black subjects.

Andrea Rene (What’s Good Games) and John Drake (Disney)

Image: Andrea Rene / Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

I saw Andrea Rene’s dress in person and let me tell you—pictures don’t do it justice. This was a fully sequined, Barbie pink gown with bishop sleeves, and she wore nude glittery heels to match. It was stunning! Her husband John was not going to be just a side piece, either, as he wore a wine-colored blazer and comfy cozy turtleneck underneath with soft blue dress pants. What a good-looking couple!

Sam Lake

Screenshot: The Game Awards

Sam Lake, the man responsible for Alan Wake 2, Max Payne, and that amazing dance number, always brings it to The Game Awards. This year was no exception, and it was a lovely reminder that a well-tailored suit with some fun, unique details (the peaked lapels, the shawl collar) is all a man needs to look fly.

Tiffany Otto, Indie Cade

Image: Tiffany Otto / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

I loved how many Barbie-pink pieces I saw at The Game Awards this year! Tiffany paired her strapless dress with a reversible wrap, which adds an extra visual layer to a simple but elegant dress. This is how you accessorize!

Timothée Chalamet

Screenshot: The Game Awards

This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Dune star and known gamer Timothée Chalamet is a fashion icon. This is just, simply, a really well-made set with some unique silhouettes (that vest!). He keeps it semi-casual with unkempt hair and no tie, the perfect vibe for a Hollywood star at The Game Awards.

Albert Dankwa, Xbox

Image: Albert Dankwa / Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

Another returning member of the video game fashionista circle, Albert Dankwa came 100% correct this year. Not only does he have on a fantastic, funky blazer that features a cool, seatbelt-like belt, but he added a Starfield patch on the arm for good measure. Then we gotta talk about the Gucci loafers and glistening Xbox pendant (which you can buy online) that he added to his own personal Cuban link. Drippy.

Fallout series cast

Photo: The Game Awards

I love how much variety we’re getting from actors Aaron Clifton Moten, Ella Purnell, and Walton Goggins here. There’s resort-casual attire from Moten, who looks both comfy and cool; a gorgeous, simple glistening top and baby pink skirt from Purnell; and the Gogs looking fresh as a daisy in a handsome suit and crisp, unbuttoned white shirt. It’s Hollywood glam, it’s chic, it’s effective. No notes.

Stephanie Tinsley, Tinlsey PR

Image: Stephanie Tinsley Fitzwilliam / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

Barbie pink but made it gay! ‘Nuff said!

Neil Newbon, Baldur’s Gate 3

Screenshot: The Game Awards

Everyone told me I’d love whatever Neil (the voice actor behind everyone’s favourite vampire, Astarion) wore, and they were right. This is how you inject some personality into your fit—he looks like he stepped out of a near-distant cyberpunk future from top-to-tail. Are those Tabis? Neil, tell us what you’re wearing!

Jay-Ann Lopez, Black Girl Gamers


Jay-Ann made the list last year and of course she’s on it again. She’s wearing a beautiful, sheer embellished dress from KAI Collective that makes her look like she’s covered in magma and her hair (featuring a swirling, unreal piece from Hair by Susy) made my jaw drop when I saw it in person.

Lexie Rooks, Night School Studio

Image: Lexie Brooks / Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

Lexie looks like she just stepped out of a holiday musical with this all-red fit. The glittery dress, the glittery handbag, her simple, swept-up hair—this is stunning from head-to-toe. I’m ready for Christmas.

Lucy James and Michael Higham, GameSpot

Image: Michael Higham / Kotakut / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

What I love about The Game Awards this year is how much fun everyone had with their outfits. Lucy’s dress is incredibly elegant, but she keeps it grounded by wearing her hair soft and down. And Michael made sure to accessorize the hell out of his fit with a metallic gold theme throughout, from the buckle on his loafers to the earrings, collar chain, and watch. Pristine.

Rebecca Ford and Megan Everett, Digital Extremes

Image: The Game Awards / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

I yelled out-loud in my seat the moment Ford and Everett appeared on the screens in the Peacock Theater—now this, this is fashion. Everett looks chic and elegant in a black strapless dress, but her tattoo acts as one giant, beautiful accessory. She adds a simple pop of colour with a red lip to spice it up a bit, too. Ford’s red satin dress and red mesh gloves give old Hollywood glam, but with added edge provided by a set of metal claws worn over the gloves. The claws were made by Kaz Adams, the weapons lead at Digital Extremes, who has been experimenting with making jewelry. I want them.

Danny Peña, Violet Manuel-Peña, and Riana Manuel-Peña

Image: Danny Peña / Riana Manuel-Peña / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

Gaming’s power couple always show up and show out for The Game Awards, but this year was a little different. They couldn’t attend in-person because they just welcomed a new addition to the fam, so they got dressed up at home. And Riana had to flex on everybody and remind us that, even though she just had a baby a few weeks ago, she can turn a look (aren’t women amazing!?). The trio matches in head-to-toe, black-and-red fits, and the devil is truly in the details here—from Riana’s cape, to baby Violet’s big bow. I’m also shocked at how they managed to ensure all the different red pieces matched. That’s not easy, guys.

Me, duh

Image: Kotaku / KinoMasterskaya (Shutterstock)

Guys, come on. Let’s be for real here! As the woman who made sure Phil Spencer didn’t wear a t-shirt to The Game Awards, you know that I had to bring the heat, and I did. This sheer and sequined gown is from a brand called Discount Universe, and it features three glistening female figures meant to represent the Fates from Greek mythology. I kept the hair and makeup soft because the dress did all the heavy lifting, and doing too much up top would make the entire look feel overwrought. You’re welcome.

What do you think of the fashion this year?

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