WWE 2K24 Review Roundup: Closer To A Face Than A Heel

WWE 2K24 Review Roundup: Closer To A Face Than A Heel

Reviews for WWE 2K24 dropped overnight, and the reviews are broadly positive. However, they also paint a picture of a series that now lives with the scars of its most dire iteration.

This latest edition in the WWE 2K franchise appears to prove that the series now lives in the latter stages of its rebuilding phase after taking two years off during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some critics are clearly more forgiving of its sharper edges and smaller shortcomings because they can see the difference made to the series since the disastrous 2019 edition that saw it enter a short period of hibernation.

WWE 2K24 Reviews: The Aussies

Compared to some of its contemporaries, Well Played lavished high praise on the game, giving it a 9 out of 10. “Riding the momentum of the past two entries, 2K24 brings with it enough new content and meaningful changes to easily be considered the best wrestling game on the market today.”

Press Start, with an 8.5 out of 10, said “WWE 2K24 is such a full, feature-complete wrestling game that it makes me thankful for the franchise capitulation from a few years ago. Without it, the digital squared circle likely wouldn’t be what it is today, it certainly wouldn’t have benefited from the three years of care, respect, and foundation we enjoy today. Instead, it’d remain a story unfinished.”

Gameshub’s review by noted wrestle fan Leah Williams gave it an 8 out of 10, saying “This isn’t quite a revolution for the series. But with a range of smaller tweaks, and improvements to its storytelling and delivery, WWE 2K24 still makes a compelling case to make the upgrade.”

Player 2 awarded it the lowest score of the bunch, a B rating (which Metacritic converts to a 75). “This all leaves me with the feeling that while WWE 2K24 is a solid outing, it is hard not to feel a little disappointed with its current state. It is a very safe sequel with some new features and a few gameplay tweaks, but there is nothing that screams “must-play” in regard to any of the additions.”

WWE 2K24 Reviews: The Rest of the World

Outlets across the rest of the world echoed Gameshub and Player 2’s findings, feeling it was a serviceable, enjoyable wrestler striving to be better than its predecessors.

Metro, like Well Played, gave it a 9 out of 10, calling WWE 2K24 ‘the greatest wrestling game ever made,’ a quote I hope it does not come to regret with time. “Another improvement after two stellar editions in 2022 and 2023, WWE 2K24 feels like the culmination of a WrestleMania-sized comeback for the franchise.”

GamesRadar gave it four stars, saying, “The most accomplished wrestling game of the last decade – only held back by gnawing MyFaction concerns. A shame.”

Dexerto, another four stars: “MyGM is the best as it’s been since being re-introduced in 2022. Gameplay is fluid and sound, while the 2K Showcase is well-done despite its heavy emphasis on the immediate past. And while I’m not in love with everything done in MyRise, there is plenty of content there to be occupied for hours.”

Game Rant gave it an four stars, saying “WWE 2K24 is a gorgeous wrestling game with hard-hitting fights that will keep players plugged in for hours on end. The series seems to be settling in to the annual release trap of small steps forward over major improvements, but hopefully next year’s entry can provide the big leaps that modes like MyGM need to help the WWE 2K series reach the next level and finish the comeback story that started with WWE 2K22.”

VGC, another four stars. “While are no groundbreaking changes to upend the WWE series this year, the additions and improvements which have been made are positive ones, making the game another solid entry in a series that is now clearly out of its rut.”

The Gamer gave it three-and-a-half stars, saying, “WWE 2K24 comes closer than ever to bucking this trend, which alone is a cause for celebration. It’s a good time, and now, for the first time in years, I can pull out a few controllers and step into the squared circle with friends without fear they’ll be lost amidst a sea of impenetrable nonsense.”

For more on WWE 2K24, check out our interview with Aussie cover star Rhea Ripley here.

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