A Guide To Final Fantasy XIV’s Yo-kai Watch Collab Event

A Guide To Final Fantasy XIV’s Yo-kai Watch Collab Event

Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to crossover and collaboration events, such as the recent event that had players running around Eorzea with Clive for a brand new Torgal mount. These events are often only running for a limited time, and the upcoming Yo-kai Watch collaboration is no different. Returning since its last appearance in 2020, it’s time for players to get their mounts and minions before it goes away again.

The Yo-kai Watch Gather One, Gather All crossover event begins on April 24, 2024. Players will be able to start the questline as long as they are level 15 or higher and speak to the Poor-heeled Youth in Ul’dah, Steps of Nald at the coordinates (X:9.2,Y:91.). If you ever get lost, look at the top left of your screen and click on the quest name, it will show you the location of your next story quest. If you’re a new player, you’ll want to start working towards hitting level 15 so you don’t miss out. Luckily, hitting level 15 isn’t too difficult, as following the main scenario quests will level you up in a few short hours.

Once you complete the opening quest of the event, you’ll need to complete FATEs across every region. This will grant you Yo-Kai medals which can be turned in at the Wandering Executive at the Gold Saucer for minions. There are 17 Yo-kai minions like the adorable cat Jibanyan, the weird ghost Whisper, and many more.

Legendary Medals are earned by completing the same FATEs, but having one of the 17 minions equipped while doing it. Each minion corresponds to a different Legendary Medal. So you’ll need all of the minions to get all of the Legendary Medals. These can then be given to the same Wandering Executive at The Gold Saucer for different weapons like the Paw of the Crimson Cat or the Globe of the Lucky Snake.

Obtaining 13 weapons will grant you the Whisper-Go mount.

The Yo-kai Watch limited-time event will be available until June 26, 2024. This runs right up until the 48-hour maintenance that will begin before the new Dawntrail expansion hits its early access tier on June 28, 2024.

While this collaboration is running a bit longer than most other crossovers in FF14, we don’t know if or when it will return again, so try and get everything you want out of it now while there is time.

You’ll want to budget your time wisely, because there are a few other events running alongside the Yo-kai one, so ensure you’re making the most of your time. Between this, the Dragon Quest Collaboration, the return of the Moogle Treasure Trove, and the FF16 collaboration quests, you’ll be quite busy up until Dawntrail’s launch on June 28.

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