Fallout Soundtrack: All The Show’s Iconic Music In One Playlist

Fallout Soundtrack: All The Show’s Iconic Music In One Playlist

Fallout soundtrack hunters, I come bearing gifts. Here’s a playlist full of that sweet, old timey music from the Fallout TV show soundtrack, if you’re looking to change up the vibes in the office today.

I took exhaustive notes during my Fallout review watch, taking down all the songs so I could compile a playlist later. Turns out, I didn’t need to. PlayStation did it for me. The playlist contains almost all the licensed songs that appeared in the show, interspersed with a few cuts from Ramin Djawadi’s (Game of Thrones, 3 Body Problem) orchestral OST.

A few choice cuts, if I may:

  • Maxine Sullivan – Blue Skies
  • Johnny Cash – Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
  • The Jet Tones – Henry
  • Nat King Cole – Orange Coloured Sky
  • Marty Robbins – Big Iron
  • Sheldon Allman – Crawl Out Through The Fallout
  • Skeeter Davis – The End of the World

This playlist reinforces what’s always been so clear about the games — the choice of 1950’s pop, swing, and doo-wop music has always given the Fallout soundtrack a unique vibe. These songs, mostly bright and cheery at the time of their creation, take on a haunting, eerie quality in the Wasteland. The audio quality of the time — wildly uneven even then — turns these songs into the wailing of ghosts, juxtaposed directly against the rusted remains of the world they left behind. They’re tied to this series now. I don’t think Fallout has ever had a more distinctive announcement trailer than Fallout 3. All these years later, we still associate The Ink Spots’ I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire with the franchise, and it appears in this very show.

Anyway, there you are, a bit of Fallout soundtrack for your afternoon. Please enjoy! If you’re not able to see the playlist embedded in the piece above, you can head over to Spotify for a listen here.

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