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Wondering how humanity's last champion of Go, one of the most complex games of strategy ever devised by our species, fared against's Google all-conquering overlord?


After flogging one of the world's best Go players over the last decade, and then massacring the current world champion to the point where he kept saying "it's too strong", Google's AlphaGo needs new frontiers to conquer. So what do you do when one of the world's best players of one of humanity's oldest and most complex strategy games isn't difficult enough? You play five at once, of course.


Lee Sedol didn't think it would be a challenge. 5-0. 4-1, at a stretch. That was the expectations of the South Korean Go professional heading into his five game, US$1 million exhibition match against Google's AlphaGo, the DeepMind-powered agent of board game destruction.

The score's currently 3-1 and not in the South Korean's favour, and it took a fairly gargantuan comeback to get the score to that. The 18-time world Go champion even said he wouldn't trade the win for anything in the world. But do you think that has have stopped StarCraft players from being cocky over their potential man vs machine match? Of course not.