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Jack Kelley knew he wanted to play Firewatch since seeing the first pieces of artwork. After the game released in 2016, Kelley became fascinated by the real world lookout towers that inspired the game, culminating in the 14-year-old fan saving a historic lookout tower from demolition.


Game developer Sean Vanaman announced on social media today that Campo Santo, the studio behind the indie game Firewatch, will be filing a takedown against Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg on YouTube over footage featuring their latest game, as well any future releases. This came hours after widely circulated footage showed Kjellberg say the n-word while streaming an online shooter.


Over the last couple of weeks we've seen (and read) a bit on Campo Santo's debut title, Firewatch. The game looks beautifully minimalist, sufficiently mysterious and ever-so-slightly creepy, despite the bright, soft orange aesthetic. If you've been desperate for more -- and really, who isn't? -- well, time to make yourself comfortable for the better part of an hour...


That's Firewatch, a nifty-sounding PC game just announced by indie outfit Campo Santo. They say you'll play as a fire-lookout in the Wyoming wilderness, drawn out of your watchtower by strange events and tethered to humanity only by the voice on the other end of your radio.