• Neal Stephenson’s Kickstarter Game Is Dead

    Neal Stephenson’s Kickstarter Game Is Dead

    Two years ago, beloved science-fiction writer Neal Stephenson launched a crowdfunding campaign to start making a realistic swordfighting game. The Clang Kickstarter notched more than $US500,000 towards that end. But a game never materialised and, as announced today, people who backed Clang are starting to get their money back. The game, it seems, won’t be…

  • Sci-Fi Legend Neal Stephenson’s Game Is All About Swordfighting

    Stephenson, a self-confessed “swordsmanship geek”, must have played his fair share of Bethesda games. So intensely dissatisfied is he with the way they go about the gentleman’s art of blade stabbing that he’s decided to have a go himself. Forget all that role-playing nonsense, Stephenson’s aptly-named CLANG will be all about the metal.