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Did you cheer when Sony delivered that epic smackdown retort to Microsoft’s unpopular policies during its E3 press conference this year? Did you gasp at the shiny newness of The Division? Were you choked up at seeing Mega Man in the upcoming Smash Bros game? You shouldn’t have been. The hobby/medium that you’ve loved has no pulse anymore. Only one man has the spine to tell it to you straight.


This year's E3 turned out to be one of the more interesting and exciting conventions in recent memory. Unfortunately for yours truly, I was stuck across that pesky barrier, commonly referred to in geography classes as the Pacific Ocean. But that didn't keep me and other interested peoples here in Japan from checking in on the happenings online.


Maybe you’re on the fence about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and its whole pirate-centric motif. Well, you should let this latest clip reveal one crucial gameplay element to you: pirates were basically partying all the time. And lead character Edward Kenway can just sit down and have a drink with his fellow salty dogs when they’re chilling on the beach.


Nintendo may not have given an "official" E3 press conference, but that doesn't mean it skipped the show entirely. If you didn't get up early enough to watch the Nintendo Direct and its accompanying announcements (or if the lousy feed crapped out), you may be wondering just what was shown. Maybe you'd like to watch a shorter version with more jokes?


I have this problem having what humans call "fun" at E3. You see, to me, E3 is work -- a pressure-cooker of exhaustion, hand sanitiser and confusing PR campaigns centred in an incredibly sad and weird part of Los Angeles.


The rumour windmill spun out of control this week as a number of people speculated that Bethesda had shown their newest Fallout game behind closed doors at E3, but the publisher says that's just not true. It started with a tease by 2old2play.com writer Derek Nolan, who hinted that he had seen something unannounced at Bethesda's booth during E3 in Los Angeles last week. Gaming forum NeoGAF picked up the tweets, and the breathless speculation began. An unannounced game? At E3? Fallout 4?


One of the most interesting parts of Sony's E3 conference was Quantic Dream's 'The Dark Sorcerer' demo. The process is interesting: Quantic Dream tends to put together demos that give them an idea of what new technology can afford them, then they use it to make ground breaking video games. We spoke to Guillame De Fondaumiere about that process, and also about Quantic Dream's upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls.


You might not have heard about the security guard that groped a journalist at this year's E3. Or the writer who gave a PR woman his business card by slipping it in her dress. Or the women presumed to be booth babes simply because of the way they looked. E3 is the busiest time to be working in the games industries or as a reporter covering the scene. It's the biggest, most important event of the year. But with roughly 50,000 attendees, it's also sometimes the creepiest.