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San Diego Comic-Con is just months away, which means that the Eisners - some of the most prestigious awards in comics - are close, too. The full list of nominees has been revealed today, and unsurprisingly, it's jam-packed with some damn good comics for you to read (or re-read).


Fantagraphics is getting ready to launch All-Time Comics, its own dark, weird take on classic silver and golden age superhero comics. To celebrate, it got music director Samuel Bayer -- who kicked off his career with the video to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" -- to make a short teaser for the line that's sort of Sin City meets classic Detective Comics.


What kind of comics does one make when the house parties you go to get shot up by thugs and you hate your dumb-arse co-workers? For two men caught up in dead-end jobs in the late 1980s/early 1990s, it was sequential art with a raw immediacy that yanks your head back then follows up with a perfect throat punch. Real Deal Comix is just about every kind of disgusting you can think of but impossible to look away from.


Many comic books are fantasies, filled with feats and adventures that ordinary people wish they could pull off. But some of those fantasies can also invoke sex and violence in ways that make folks feel icky. And if you're an artist turning out those stories, what happens when you're burnt out doing the thing you used to love? Should you give up?