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One of 2016's most explosive pieces of gaming journalism was broken by a news-obsessed Indian IT guy with a relatively unknown YouTube channel. HonorTheCall, an anonymous internet presence, is a full-time software developer whose YouTube image, up until June, was built on small-fry Call of Duty news. Over Call of Duty footage, HonorTheCall pronounced updates and opportunities exclusive to the COD community, facelessly and with a strong accent.


Celebrity esports team FaZe Clan is taking heat for co-producing a video game that, over a year after its targeted launch date, remains unreleased. Backers donated nearly $US20,000 ($26,068) to first-person shooter Starnet Eclipse, which critics are now calling a scam, an allegation FaZe Clan denies.


The World Esports Association (WESA) has a great sounding name. And the mission statement is certainly admirable. They want to improve the standards of esports, conditions for the players within, and the livelihood of all those involved.

But within just a fortnight, things have began to rapidly crumble. The association's press conference was marked with a pair of spectacularly shocking interviews. Days after that, rumours broke that one of the founding teams already wanted to leave. Today, they have.