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What's better than playing Guitar Hero? Eating one of the game's controllers in cake form! The tasty treat above is the physical manifestation of this very idea, and it's a glorious one at that. The creator even went to the trouble of including a tutorial, and a bunch of images of the process.

FYI, the cake was actually made in November of last year, going by the dates on the photos. Thanks to reader Pete for letting everyone else know about it!

Bringing back the past - Cake Tutorial Guitar Hero II Cake


Here's some great news...that possibly comes a few months too late. TAC has released an adaptor that will make your PS2 Guitar Hero controllers compatible with PS3 versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Running $19.99, the company promises the adaptor makes guitars "100% compatible" for use, supporting: regular PS2 controllers, Red Octane's and Activision's SG Controller, the Kramer Wireless, Nyko's PS2 Frontman guitar, the DreamGear Shredster, all React PS2 guitar controllers and all Psyclone PS2 guitar controllers. While the $20 sticker price is a bit steep to make this purchase a no-brainer, many of us have been sitting on otherwise useless PS2 guitars. So we'll just label this a good thing and call it a day. You can buy one here, hit the jump for the full details.


While the rest of creation has since moved on to Guitar Hero III or Rock Band, there are still some Xbox 360 owners out there who prefer the great taste of Guitar Hero II, and to you Red Octane is sending out some love. The Indie Label Pack has just gone up on Xbox Live, featuring three songs from artists whose names are only vaguely familiar to me. For the standard Guitar Hero DLC price of 500 Microsoft points, you'll get "State of Massachusetts" by Dropkick Murphys, "You Should Be Ashamed of Myself" by The Bled, and "Memories of the Grove" by Maylene & The Sons of Disaster. Of the three, Dropkick Murphys is the most vaguely familiar, and so they get a nice giant picture atop the article. The other two must try harder, and maybe next time you'll make it!

New Guitar Hero 2 Song Pack Hits Xbox Live


To be exact, Johnny Rotten "fuckin' loved" Guitar Hero III, when he finally got his hands on it. It teaches you "how not to be a rock star and not to be a in your life... cause the whole fucking thing is a joke." He was present at the game's launch party in the UK, quickly turning his thoughts on the Activision and RedOctane published game into a fun little expletive filled tirade. Sure, he mentions re-recording "Anarchy In the UK" and "Pretty Vacant" for Guitar Hero III, due to Virgin Records "losing" the masters, but then proceeds to make with the verbal diarrhea. It's a combination of insulting (and throwing microphones at) journalists, random asides, and length. The insanity goes on for some time. The full, unedited clip is at OXM.

Johnny Rotten - ignores Guitar Hero III, attacks journalists


Over at a site called BFAds.net they have posted a number of Thanksgiving weekend circulars. The Best Buy one shows a great deal: Buy an Xbox 360 system for $US 349 and get a free copy of Guitar Hero II. The PS3, on the other hand, is $US 399 with Spiderman 3 and Open Season Blu-Rays. But the best deal of all? Orange Box for $US 25 for the PC. Now that's value.

Black Friday Ads


If you've somehow managed to avoid catching Guitar Hero fever until only recently, the Guitar Hero Dual Pack may be right up your alley. The new edition of the Harmonix developed franchise packs in the original Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II for the PlayStation 2 in a $US 60 package which, while not exactly cheap, does come in cheaper than buying the first two games separately. Reader Edward spotted it on Best Buy's site recently, but Activision makes it official today, as the game should be on store shelves as you read this.

What's not on store shelves? Copies of the PlayStation 3 version of Guitar Hero III, unfortunately, which seems to be back ordered and sold out everywhere.


We're of the unanimous opinion that Guitar Hero II's downloadable content is amongst the worst in human existence. Force-bundling three songs together, often from different genres? That kind of behaviour's been basting overnight in a rich sauce of weakness and crooked penny-pinching. If you're picking up Guitar Hero III and expected/hoped things would be any different, well, you're more than a little wrong. Activision and Red Octane will still be selling bundled packs. In November both 360 and PS3 versions will see three download bundles made available, each containing three songs. How very disappointing.

Activision Reveals Plans for Guitar Hero DLC


Man, those BAFTA awards were nutty. Games in the wrong category, games nominated that weren't even out yet...what a mess. Were the Golden Joysticks any better? We'd love to say "yes", but are going to instead bust out a resounding "no". Why? Because of the award's scheduling, the winners list reads exactly like a list of...the best games of 2006. Full list of winners after the jump, but know Gears of War and Guitar Hero II feature prominently.


Target and E for All are teaming up starting today to host a $3,000 Guitar Hero 2 tourney at the public gaming convention in LA.

The tournaent will run from today through Saturday with the winner taking home more than $3,000 in cash and Target gift cards. Gift cards? Like 2,000 $1.50 cards?

Hit the jump for the full release and the South Hall of E4All to see it in person. Say Hi to McWhertor if you see him hanging about... and then poke him and tell him to get back to work.