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Paradox's World War II-themed grand strategy title is not for the faint of heart. I guess that's why it's called Hearts of Iron IV. I can personally attest the need for a cardiovascular organ crafted of pure ferrous, or perhaps an alloy if you're the engineering type. I shied away from previous iterations of the franchise, but, after grabbing the latest in a recent Steam sale I decided the time was right. My moment was here. I alone was going to lead 1930s New Zealand to victory against the Axis forces. I'm so, so sorry, my Kiwi brothers and sisters.


Mods make games better, whether they're correcting design oversights, adding improved textures or a whole new story that the developers never envisioned. And if you're after a mod, ModDB is the home for just about every decent one under the sun.

The modding repository recently kicked off voting for their top 100 mods of the year. So if you're not in the mood to buy a new game over the holidays, or you'd just like to explore something different in a universe you already loved, the awards are a great chance to do that. And to help you out, here's a few picks from the top 100.