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People love the Hitman games for the meticulous ways you can take out a target. Wear an outrageous outfit, slide in between the shadows and NPCs and perform an assassination with meticulous stealth. Yeaaah, there's none of that in the new comic from two dudes who worked on the last game featuring Agent 47. It's pretty much "insert sword into demon, dodge attack, shoot face off, repeat", all of it drawn by an artist famous for gory action.


Here are a bunch of reasons to laugh at Hitman: Absolution, both intended and unintended by the game's creators. On the one hand you have the funny physics glitches and warped limbs, and on the other you have AI dialogue reacting to your behaviour.


A couple of months ago, if I started a new game — no matter what it was — I'd start off on a high difficulty. At the very least, I'd go for normal, but only if it was clear that normal would provide a challenge. I reasoned that nowadays "normal" is geared toward a more general audience which may be less familiar with games than I am. And, more importantly, pssh. Of course I can do better than normal!