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ABC's Inhumans was originally planned to be a full-length movie - until it got stuck in development hell and was repurposed into a less-than-stellar television show, becoming the kind of monumental disappointment that Marvel executives probably have nightmares about. But the studio has a great opportunity to cash in on another classic Marvel Comics group for a film project that could hit a lot of similar notes. We're talking about the Eternals.


Blackagar Boltagon, king of the Inhumans and first of his name, has always been the strong, silent, spandex-y type. But although he's been a mainstay of Marvel's comics for more than 50 years, it's always been difficult to get a read on who Black Bolt was as a person. In Hugo Award-winning novelist Saladin Ahmed and artist Christian Ward's Black Bolt solo series, that's finally changing, in small part because now he's alone and powerless.


Poor young Bobby Drake. First, he and his fellow X-Friends got sent forward in time and stuck in their own future. Then he came out, and had to struggle with why his older self had yet to do so. Now he's found himself a cute crush, only to immediately get hit with the mother of all unsubtleties.


It feels like almost every other new Marvel character at the moment is an Inhuman -- especially with the arrival of Ulysses on the scene in Civil War II. But the latest member of the Terrigen-enhanced family is a bit different from his other counterparts... like the fact he doesn't have a body of his own, for starters.


Karnak was one of those characters you'd always ignore. A team-up between the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four? There he'd be, off to the side while flashier heroes got center-frame placement and big friendly smiles. Now he's the star of a great series that's pretty much giving the finger to every happening at Marvel.