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  • Our Favorite Comic Moments of 2020

    Our Favorite Comic Moments of 2020

    While 2020 posed more than its fair share of significant challenges for virtually everyone working within the entertainment industry, comics in particular stood as an example of creative teams adapting on the fly — and doing their damndest to keep telling compelling stories at a time when people needed them the most.

  • The Highlights And Lowlights Of 2018

    The Highlights And Lowlights Of 2018

    If we could describe 2018 in one word, it would be complicated. There have been some amazing shows and films, and fandom has faced a lot of growth and change. But we’ve also seen a lot of pain. We here at Gizmodo and Kotaku have come together to celebrate the greatest pop culture moments of…

  • The 10 Best (And Five Worst) Genre Movies Of 2016

    The films we’ve as the best science fiction and genre films of 2016 are a very motley crew. This year we loved superheroes, animation, farting corpses, live action, talking animals, and more. These are films spanning different genres, disciplines, and themes, which experienced varied levels of success. Each is worthy of acknowledgment, though, so check…