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There aren't too many asymmetric multiplayer games kicking around, so when one pops up it tends to get a lot of attention. And when that same game happens to star Jason Vorhees, it gets even more attention.


The audience clamouring for Jason Vorhees and Friday the 13th to make a return to gaming aren't, say, as large as the crowd beckoning for another Call of Duty. But they have money, they have passion, and thanks to a combination of the two a Kickstarter for a new game is about to be funded.


Briefly: Some might argue there's no reason to develop another Friday the 13th game, as the NES game is an all-time "classic", but they're making another one anyway. EGM reports Crystal Lake Entertainment has partnered with a developer for a multiplayer game where one player becomes the slasher icon. The game's set for October.