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John Carmack has given a lot of speeches in his time: to colleagues, compatriots and consumers. His keynote speeches used to be the highlight of Quakecon, for his uncanny ability to scythe through detail and history without being wholly inaccessible.

And whenever Carmack gives a speech, I always hear two sounds. The first is the sound of his voice and his metronomic-like delivery. And the second is the utter silence, the way his audience hangs on every single word.


John Carmack's departure from iD Software to Oculus was fairly understandable given the man's career and his passion for technology. It's sad to see him not working on iD Tech engines any more, but hey, the guy's a genius and he's played a large part in making this wave of virtual reality work.

Given that his entire career effectively revolves around making new things — or existing things better — it's always interesting to see what has caught Carmack's eye. As it turns out, that new thing is Minecraft.