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Welcome to the Gaming Shelf, our new roundup of tabletop gaming news, releases, updates and interesting Kickstarter campaigns — focusing on sci-fi and fantasy games, with the occasional exception of course (Machi Koro is too cute to ignore!).

Seeing as we’re on the heels of GenCon, board game companies have been showing off some of their best and brightest stuff over the past few weeks. Even as we head into mid-August, there’s still a lot of great scoops and news. Here’s a few of the highlights we spotted for this week.


I'm standing in a tiny store at PAX Australia. It's a narrow hallway with shelves maybe 3 meters high and 10 or meters deep, and they're filled with board games. I looked around, scouring the shelves for names we recognise more than anything else, until my mate spies something.

It's Machi Koro, a game where mayors race to complete their town. But the back of the box is missing something. So we walked out, headed to the freeplay area, picked up Machi Koro, checked it out and ended up buying the game and expansion over an hour later.

That moment? It's PAX in a nutshell.