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The Thor Corps., a squad of Marvel heroes like Storm and Dazzler who all wielded different versions of Mjolnir, was one of the more novel ideas to come out of 2015's Secret Wars event. In this week's The Mighty Thor, one of the Mjolnirs that went missing post-Secret Wars has suddenly shown up -- with a brand new owner.


The Phoenix Force is one of the deadliest entities in the entire Marvel universe, a roiling mass of pure destruction that leaves nothing but cinders in its wake. Usually, it's associated with the iconic Phoenix sagas in the pages of X-Men, but now the entity is back -- and playing its part in a totally unexpected story.


There are many incredible looking comic books out these days, but one of my favourite-looking series at the moment is thanks to the incredible art of Russell Dauterman and colourist Matthew Wilson in The Mighty Thor. Here's some choice bits of art from their wonderful work.