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Last year I returned to visit my old Neopian stomping grounds. In the 15 years since I'd left, the bustling Neoboards had devolved into ghost towns. Faerieland had crashed to the ground. I could accessorise my JubJub with faeces. The times, they had a-changed.

In response to my article, Neopets' owner JumpStart reached out and offered an interview with CEO David Lord. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that while there are dreams for Neopets' future, there is little momentum behind them.


Remember Neopets? It was that online virtual pet website that was really popular in the early 2000's, and it allowed you to play games, shop and even battle your 'neopets.' You might say Neopets was a step up from Tamagotchi, but a step down from Pokemon. And even though it's over a decade old, the Neopets site is still running -- to my amazement.


What is this? 'Try out new portable games via a short Flash demo week'?

Actually, that would make quite a good week. Perhaps the United Nations could make it an annual thing.

This demo of Neopets Puzzle Adventure lovingly recreates the experience of playing the first level of the game on an actual DS Lite - right down to the slightly-too-many 'A' presses to skip past the plot dialogues in the game's story mode.

It is all very well presented and there are just enough embellishments to what is, essentially, the game of 'Othello' to make this curiously addictive. But don't take my word for it - try it out for yourself after the jump...