• God Of War Has Grown Up

    God Of War Has Grown Up

    My most enduring memory of the previous God of War games is an uncomfortable university gaming session, wherein I sat amongst a group of men, watching a half-naked Aphrodite seduce Kratos.

  • In Defence of Persona 5’s Ryuji

    Ryuji Sakamoto is the first friend you make in Persona 5, a fellow 16-year-old outcast at Shujin Academy. He’s loudmouthed, thoughtless, and has been the recipient of a significant amount of fan hate. I love him.

  • The Cheapest Copies Of Kingdom Hearts 3 In Australia

    It’s been a long wait, but Kingdom Hearts fans are finally picking up their Keyblades once more. Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives in Australia today, and features Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy meeting various characters from across the Disney films, including Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story. Here are the cheapest prices…

  • An Aussie Just Won The Biggest Esports Tournament In The World

    Yesterday was the grand final of the 2018 Dota 2 International, the biggest esports tournament in the world, which had a prize pool this year of nearly $US25.5 million ($34.8 million). In an underdog story nobody thought possible, the $US11.2 million ($15.3 million) title was won by a scrappy team that only came together in…