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There are currently over 100,000 board games listed on Board Game Geek, the tabletop world's equivalent of IMDB. That's a lot to choose from. Wandering into your local department store is going to give your some truly disappointing choices and browsing your friendly local game store can be overwhelming. Here are some great board games that anyone from veteran to rookie can enjoy.


"At long last... it's over."

We've torn up all the cards in the world. The game is finished. We saved the world, although it was a close-run thing.

My wife, always environmentally conscious, suggests putting the empty box and the torn-up cardboards in the recycling. But that would be like burning baby photos. This game, this journey, was a labour of love.

I put Pandemic Legacy back on the shelf. I want people to see it. I want people to know about this wild ride we've been on.


My wife and I have been saving the world for 2 months, 1 week and 5 days.

We should be watching The Good Place. Instead we're playing Pandemic Legacy again, trying to stop the world from being torn asunder. Because the pull from Pandemic Legacy is better than the best show on Netflix.


Pandemic is probably the most popular cooperative board game in the world. It's certainly the highest ranked. If you've only ever played Monopoly, it's an epiphany. But cooperative games suck, and here's why I'm never playing Pandemic again.*