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It's become clear, a week after the launch of No Man's Sky, that the much-hyped space game has not lived up to many players' lofty expectations. But whose fault is that? Does it matter? And how could the backlash have been avoided?


The other night, I made around 14 million units in a matter of four hours in No Man's Sky (Gek traders hate her! Click here to find out why!) It was largely thanks to finding a huge number of items called 'Vortex Cubes' on a rare resource planet -- though it didn't really look like one. This odd proliferation of a supposedly super-rare item led me to question: what is the deal with these things?


Hello Games' ambitious space shooter has inspired many with its gorgeous visual and promise of endless procedurally-generated planets. Accomplished thing-maker Toykyo Joe channelled that inspiration into one heck of a custom No Man's Sky ship.