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Aided by a standard-issue Street Fighter IV FightStick, this guy pulls off all of Ryu's Trials in Super Street Fighter IV - using one hand. And he collects the achievement for it, to boot.


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Inspired by urban artists and featuring a hard-hitting track by record producer/rapper Just Blaze, this Super Street Fighter IV TV sport makes me wish Capcom had tapped ad agency Ammirati to do the game's cover art as well.


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Crecente detailed several fine reasons to purchase Super Street Fighter IV. Capcom's GameStop-exclusive preorder bonus is not one of those, unless you have really cold thumbs.


GameTrailers has posted an exclusive new trailer for Super Street Fighter IV that showcases the new costumes, rival battles and ultra combos coming with the updated version of the game. I always knew Zangief was totally metal.


An update to the official Japanese Super Street Fighter IV blog teases a new character reveal for Super Street Fighter IV next week. Who could possibly be the source of Chun-Li's pain?