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When we tend to (very fondly) remember Deep Space Nine, we champion its boldness: Serialised storytelling, a darker look at a utopia in crisis, the daunting dramas of the Dominion War. But it wasn't always a bleak examination of Trek in wartime - and the latest expansion for Cryptic's free-to-play Star Trek Online, Victory is Life, remembers that well.


Sending players on a mission to save the future by killing the past, or saving the past in the future? Days of future past? It's all very confusing, but that's what happened when Star Trek Online released its Agents of Yesterday expansion seven years ago. Or today. Stupid time.


Earlier this week, Kotaku was approached by a marketing firm working for the publisher Perfect World. They wanted us to help sell two of their games. And in the process, they inadvertently gave us a behind-the-scenes peek at what it looks like when YouTubers shill for game companies.


R-R-Romulans have r-r-ridges. Perfect World Entertainment's is gearing up to launch the most ambitious Star Trek Online expansion to date in May, giving players tired of making excuses for their Vulcan characters to roleplay space sex a more passionate alternative with Legacy of Romulus. And Tasha Yar is back!


While being forthright with his community about the woeful state of Star Trek Online's player-versus-player combat, a developer at Cryptic Studios also admitted to something of a self-fulfilling prophecy: PvP in the game is so bad, no one's participating in it. Participation is so low that the studio has seriously considered removing PvP altogether.


Cryptic, the guys behind Star Trek Online and City of Heroes, has found out this week that it's been hacked. User details have been stolen and some "portion of the passwords" present in a database were even cracked. Which is bad. What's worse is that the hack took place in December 2010.


Cryptic Studio's MMO Star Trek Online will be going free-to-play by the end of the year, following in the footsteps of other MMOs that have recently switched from the upfront payment model to the free-to-play model.