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In Final Fantasy XV, you don't have to travel around only by car or on foot. You can ride Chocobos and make those big birds drift. This is bonkers! There's a speed dash, and then you can slow down suddenly and drift 'em and hop over crocodiles.


Tokyo Game Show this year was packed with games and fans. And cosplay. Lots of cosplay. It's the first public day of Tokyo Game Show, and the cosplay area was packed with people dressed up as their favourite characters and the people photographing them. Here's a sample of some of the fun and cool cosplay that was there.


Despite being one of the first games for the PlayStation Vita, Gravity Rush remains among the best of the system's library. And as I sat down with Gravity Rush Remastered at the Tokyo Game Show, I had one goal: to figure out how a game made to use all the unique features of the Vita plays on the PS4.