How Gravity Rush Plays On PS4

How Gravity Rush Plays on PS4

Despite being one of the first games for the PlayStation Vita, Gravity Rush remains among the best of the system's library. And as I sat down with Gravity Rush Remastered at the Tokyo Game Show, I had one goal: to figure out how a game made to use all the unique features of the Vita plays on the PS4.

For the TGS demo I was plopped down in the middle of the game's eighth chapter and left to explore on my own. Of course, I immediately took to the sky. Like on the Vita, when in zero G, you can pick your new "down" in one of two ways: using the thumb sticks or by utilising motion censors — in this case by tilting the controller.

How Gravity Rush Plays on PS4

But what I was most interested in is what would be done about the touch screen mechanics of the game. The solution to the problem is simple, the two buttons the Vita doesn't have: R2 and L2. While you can swipe across the PS4 controller's touch panel to dodge, the R2 button can be used as well. Likewise, the Gravity Slide power no longer relies on pushing against the touch screen and can be activated by pressing R2 and L2 together instead.

With these changes, the game plays quite well — better than on the Vita, in fact. And if you're wondering how the game looks, well, let's just say it looks better than ever before and leave it at that.

Gravity Rush Remastered will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on 10 December, 2015 and in the US on 9 February, 2016.


    I thought this article would tell how the game runs (frames), not how the the gameplay changes between button config.

    I guess (plays) can mean either, so my bad.

    Does it still have those awful sequences where you're sliding around and have to tilt the vita to control left and right? I loathe motion controls, they're incredibly unintuitive to me, so those sequences were all kinds of awful.

      I didn't mind that. My first thought when I saw this and the sequel announced for PS4 was oh no, how are they going to be able to replicate all of those awesome motion controls. I figure they'll use the DS4 for much of it, but I can imagine things becoming even more unintuitive for many people.

    Wow, the graphics look amazing. Almost like it was built for the PS4 in the first place.

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