Let's Play The Complete PS Vita Gravity Rush Demo

I've only had about 10 minutes with Gravity Rush, but I'm already thinking that it's one of the most exciting new games coming to Sony's PS Vita.

The game blends a gravity-defying puzzle quality with action combat, a bit of platforming and a wonderful, arty aesthetic and surreal story. Gravity Rush is due out on Feb. 9 in Japan and sometime this coming Spring in North America.

This video shows you the game's full demo, the only experience I've had with the game so far. It's being played on a PS Vita demo unit that Sony was kind enough to lend to me for a month or so.


    Well its calmed my fears that it'd be a bayonetta/devil may cry style slashfest, may well put this one on my list of games to try if I get a Vita

    Lol, Brian. Missed the health bar down the bottom there, mate.

    Always put off getting a PSP but this looks like it might be incentive for me to get a Vita.

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