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From PUBG’s rough military edge to the sleek action of Apex Legends, it seems there’s a battle royale for everyone now. What goes into making a great battle royale game? A few of us sat down to talk about what we want from our virtual bloodsports.


When it was initially unveiled at E3, I was confused as to what Darwin Project was trying to be. I knew what it was aiming for with a shoutcaster on stage, and it felt as though it was doing a little too much to convince me that it wants to be the next big esport. And then Riley and I played some of the closed beta back in November and were both pleasantly surprised.


As the seconds counted down in a round of the unusual game The Darwin Project this past weekend, I was aware of three other players still involved in the match. One was my opponent, who, like me, had managed to outlast eight other players in this mix of cold-weather survival and competitive murder. Another was the player I'd let die, who was now spectating me and the other final survivor. "It's like watching two declawed kittens wale on each other," he said. The third was a person playing the director, a master of ceremonies role that makes The Darwin Project like nothing else.