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For many Star Wars fans, a moment almost as exciting as the actual film debut is when it gets a home release. That's when all the deleted scenes come out, adding colour and context to the story. In the case of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there were a few moments left on the cutting room floor that seem pretty important (or at least interesting) in hindsight.


Some people, myself included, loved The Last Jedi. A lot of people hated it. That's fine!

Everyone's entitled to their opinions -- I hated Rogue One, after all, but I'm happy for those who got enjoyment from it. But when people say The Last Jedi is 'worse than the prequels' I have to question things because really, have you guys seen those movies recently?


If you haven't noticed, I liked The Last Jedi quite a lot -- so I was quick to ask for the tie-in Visual Dictionary for Christmas this year. Beyond just being another way of making money off the Star Wars name (though it's definitely that as well) the dictionary has the answers to a lot of the questions I had after watching The Last Jedi.