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I'm walking through a damp, dingy corridor and somewhere a woman is crying. The sound makes me nervous but I can't quite figure out why. And then she appears -- a female figure, disfigured and indistinct, twitching in a way no human being moves. I stare for one second too long and then she has me -- she's in my face, attacking, ripping and tearing my flesh as the screen fades to black. But I'm not playing P.T.


In the wake of Silent Hills' cancellation and the utterly idiotic removal of P.T. from the PlayStation Store, there have been a lot of games in the works that look like P.T. but sadly, are not P.T..

Visage is another one. It looks quite good!


An impossible space. A vengeful ghost. Eerie silence. P.T. was like nothing we had ever seen before when it was quietly pushed to the PlayStation Store in August of 2014, and when the news came that Silent Hills had been cancelled, we all thought we would never see its like again. However the game has proved an inspiration for a number of indie horror developers, and the latest of these is SadSquare Studio's Visage.