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Mario Kart has been around for 25 years and the fun has never let up. How has the beloved racing manage to stay so exciting over the years? We take a look in this critical video.


We've had a month of Switch games looking slightly better and running slightly smoother than their Wii U compatriots. But Mario Kart 8 already looked fantastic on the Wii U, and ran well too. So how does it run on the Switch?


In December of 2016, Nintendo launched a program with HackerOne, a service that provides bounties ranging from $US100 ($132) to $US20,000 ($26,430) for finding bugs and exploits, in order to stamp them out on the 3DS. This program has since been extended to the Switch, and so far has awarded three people with bounties. While some members of the Nintendo hacking community are frustrated by this, some of them see it as a good sign for the future of Switch hacking.


In a gritty vintage video games store in Manhattan's East Village, a man who would only be identified by GorillaStomp, his PlayStation username, firmly explained why he should fix your video game console. Long before it was his livelihood, it was his fascination, and one he'd never asked for permission to do. Now, as the independent console industry is entangled in legal battles across the country, the very principles behind his livelihood are being challenged by titans like Microsoft and Sony.