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Kaeo Milker has enjoyed a long and eye-opening career at Blizzard Entertainment: QA, facilities management, recruiting and, now, heading up the company's big MOBA franchise, Heroes of the Storm. You're probably more likely to follow his advice than follow him down a lane, though; although he's the captain of the Heroes ship, he's quick to admit that you won't find him at the top of the game's leaderboards.

We caught up with Kaeo at this year's BlizzCon, and he gave some excellent advice about how to manage what you think you should do as a career versus what you'd love to do as a career.

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It is as if you were doing work, a new browser game by impish developer Pippin Barr, simulates puttering around inside Windows 95, clicking dialog boxes and mashing your keyboard to type out reports and emails. Depending on your real job, it's a relaxing desktop toy or a horrifying parody of your waking life. It's a fine example of the overlooked (and previously unnamed) gaming genre of officecore.